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About MWMLab

MWMLab – is a scientific, educational, researching, project-industrial subdivision of Belarussian state university of informatics and radio electronics.

MWMLab was organized in 1998 based on sector laboratory, that implemented customs of VPK in 80th – 90th, collaborated with NIIDAR, NPO <<Impuls>> (Moscow), NPO <<Saturn >> and <<Orion>> (Kiev), VNIIRIP (Vilnius), KNIIRIT (Kaunas) and etc..

MWMLab is one of the leads companies today in calibration and measurement algorithms development and its’ automation in millimeter wave range.

MWMLab include SHF apparatus and equipment testing laboratory and calibration of measurement SHF frequencies laboratory. Laboratories accredited with the System of accreditation of checking, testing and calibrating laboratories of The Republic of Belarus. 

Accreditation certificate of testing laboratory

Accreditation certificate of calibrating laboratory

MWMLab is an implementer of state scientific-technological programs and state scientific-researching programs.

MWMLab – is an implementer of more than 50 foreign contracts for development and delivery of highly-precise devices and equipment for CIS’s, European’s, East Asia’s and South American’s markets.

MWMLab – is a constant participant and winner of international exhibitions and fairs: Hannover Messe (Germany), DEFEXPO (India), MILEX (Belarus), ARMY, HI-TECH (Russia), MetrolExpo (Russia), INOTEX (Iran); National Belarussian exhibitions in China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

Official ambassador in Russia – is research and reproduction center “MitinoPRIBOR” (Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia).

Official ambassador in Russia – is JNC “NPC MitinoPRIBOR”.

MWMLab offers:

  • The development, manufacturing and delivery if standard SHF and EHF ranges equipment; control-measuring and testing SHF devices for frequency range from 1 GHz to 220 GHz 
  • Designing, manufacturing and delivery of measuring systems
  • Development, manufacturing and delivery of equipment for satellite telecommunications
  • Development, manufacturing and delivery of radiolocation equipment for customer’s requirements.

MWMLab offers services:

  • Calibration SHF and EHF instruments
  • Testing SHF and EHF modules and processors
  • Researching material’s properties in frequency range from 1MHz to 220 GHz
  • Education and training programs for specialists