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Development, production and delivery of basic microwave and EHF assemblies and components; test and measurement microwave equipment ranging from 0,01 up to 220 GHz

Carries out metrological provision for projecting, manufacturing and usage of the equipment; distance calibration of automated measuring instruments and systems; modification
of equipment and means for changing according to specific conditions of the production for metrological characteristics in compliance with the Clients' requirements.

Projecting, manufacturing and delivery of measuring systems and samples

Carries out development and manufacturing sample systems in the sphere of microwave measurements (measuring power, fluence rate, frequency, SWR, reflection and transmission coefficients); projecting and manufacturing of microwave measuring equipment in the ranges from 0.01 up to 220 GHz.

Development, manufacturing and delivery of satellite telecommunications

Development of equipment according to the individual requirements of the Clients; expansion of technical and functional opportunities of the Clients' communication systems.

Development, manufacturing and delivery of special equipment according to specific requirements of the Clients

  • Mobile POs for microwave and satellite communication systems.
  • Transmit – receiving modules for satellite stations with the frequency ranges 9...18, 25...36, 94 GHz.
  • Radars on the basis of AESA with the ranges from 9...18, 25...26, 94 GHz.
  • Radars, including those based on AESA with ranges from 9…8, 25…26, 94 MHz
  • Radio relay lines
  • Small scale radars, including target seeking devices
  • High altitude radio altimeters, radar fuses, levelmeters, Doppler velocity sensors
  • Quadrature and phase modulations