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Automated measurement of transmitting and reflecting coefficients (S11 and S21 ) with digital readout of measurable values and reproduction of their frequency responses on the VNA display. The terminal-type devices, such as two-pole circuits, or open-end devices, such as four-pole circuits, can be used as the devices under tests.

The VNA can be used both in laboratory and shop-floor conditions to measure S-parameters and adjust microwave devices. The VNA is based on the «client-server» technology using Ethernet interface, which allows integrating the analyze to computer-aided measuring systems and performing remote calibration. The VNA is designed for use in laboratory conditions to measure S-parameters and adjust microwave devices with a standard size of the waveguide circuit.

The measuring system demonstrates its full performance in compliance with the standards as the operating mode set-up time of 15 minutes, is over. The continuous operation time is 16 hrs.

Advantages: the system can be easily linked to peripherals using computer interfaces such as Ethernet and RS-232.

Frequency range, GHz
26.5 – 40; 33 – 50; 50 – 75; 75 – 110
Maximum frequency sweep of measuring unit, GHz
full range
Margin of the relative frequency setting error of the maximal frequency in the range, %
Frequency instability of the generator output (during 15 min), no more
VSWR measurement range
1.02 … 5
Measurement range of the reflection coefficient module |S11|, dB
Measurement range of the transmission coefficient module |S21|, dB
Measurement range of the return loss and gain phase, deg.
Basic measurement error for the reflection coefficient module, dB
± 0.66
Basic |S21| measurement error, no more, dB
±(0.1 + 0.03·|S21|)
Basic measurement error of the return loss phase, deg.
Basic measurement error of the gain phase, deg.
VSWR of the microwave waveguide output at VNA
? 1.1
Overall dimensions (mm) and weight (kg) of the measuring unit 1
448.9?315.5?177.5; 10.7
Overall dimensions (mm) and weight (kg) of the measuring unit 2
448.9?315.5?88.1; 5.9
Output waveguide
WR-28; WR-22; WR-15; WR-10; WR-7
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