Short range radar

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USED FOR detection and measurement of coordinates of air and ground targets in order to solve tasks of air and ground security, control of air traffic as a part of ground mobile control stations, as well as landing of big scale air drones.


–antenna system with 8 feed horns

–support and turning mount

– 8-channel transmitter

–formation unit of modulation laws

–8-channel digital receiver

–control and indication block

–pack of connecting cables

–radar power unit

Tactical characteristics


                Close range radar of provides:

              –sector display of the area according to azimuths

              –detection of moving ground or air objects in the distance of 20 km with their line of sight


Distance of detecting ground objects with their line of sight, conditions of their right detection D = 0.9, false alarm F = 10–5 must be:

              –big scale moving ground machinery – up to 15 km

              –cars – up to 12 km

              –a person walking quickly or running (group of people), with their speed more than 4 km/h – up to 5 km

Detection distance of air low-altitude moving objects

compose: (height – up to 1000 m, speed from 10 to 150 km/s) including the line of sight, conditions of their right detection D = 0.9, false alarm F = 10–5

              –air objects with effective area no more than 10m2 and helicopters  - up to 20 km

              –medium and big scale air drones – up to 8….12 km

              –hovering helicopters up to 6…10 km

              –parachute jumpers and cargo dropped off the airplanes - up to 5 km

              –small scale air drones (depending on the materials of airframes and screws, as well as speed of moving and jamming environment – up to 5 km


                Mean square deviation of the automatic evaluation mistakes of the coordinates of the moving ground and low altitude air objects, no more than:

              – distance 10 m

              –azimuth 0.2  °

              –elevation 3,6  °

              –radial velocity 1 m/sec


Sector of display according to angular coordinates:

              –azimuth            15...365 °

              –elevation          0...20 °

              –min. and max. value of elevation 12 до +60 °

              –adjustment of central sector of display according to azimuths and elevation - manual


Operation modes:

              –work mode

              –functional control


Requirements for durability and firmness against external influences


              –lowered working temperature of the environment    -40 °С

              –raised working temperature of the environment +50 °С

              –relative degree of humidity 95...98 % with temperature of +25 ± 2 °С

              –mechanical blow of multiple action

              – shock acceleration peak value 10 g

              –sinusoidal vibration in frequency range 5...200 Hz

              –acceleration amplitude 2 g

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