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MWMLab is a performer of state scientific and technical programs (SSTP) and state programs of scientific researches (SPSR).

MWMLab participated in performing SSTP (2016-2020)

  • Radioelectronics-2, Radioelectronics-3

The main purpose of the program is the development of new generation of radionics and optoelectronic apparatus, instruments and systems general, special and dual application.

  • Optiel

The main purposes of the program are the development and creation of the new competitive laser and electrooptical devices, systems and technologies for industrial, medicine, microelectronics and agricultural needs.

  • Scientific instruments

The main purposes of the program are modernization of the state master base; the development of material and technical basis of science based on domestic elaborations orientated on the world-class level; the arrangement of conditions for enhancement of breakthrough scientific fields development and the fastest integration of the scientific researches results to practice in purpose of amplification of the influence of science to social and economical development of the state; scientific researches level increase, educational program quality improvement in universities .

  • Data protection-3

The main purposes of the program are development and enhancement highly efficient methods of data protection, methods of the rating means of data protection systems, special technical means; designing of scientific and technological conditions for effective protection on critically important information objects, the enhancement of the degree of protection of informational support objects, communicational systems and data transmission; import substitution of data protection methods and special technical methods.

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MWMLab participation in implementation SPSR (2016-2020):

  • Photonics, opto- and microelectronics

The main purposes of the program are evolution of methods and technologies, development of new devices and optical systems, laser physics, opto-, micro- and radio electronics for industrial, biomedical, agricultural, ecological, metrological and special use.

  • Mechanics, metallurgy, diagnostics in engineering

The main purposes of the program are creation of the new calculation methods for resource of multicomponent mechanical systems, development of machine responsibility and their systems monitoring; the development of scientific basis of nondestructive control and technical diagnostics to materials, objects and technological processes in engineering, development of new highly efficient import substantive methods, control and diagnostics information technologies and means, that provides enhancement of quality and competitive ability of engineering objects, responsibility and safety exploitation and etc..

  • Physical science of materials, new materials and technologies

The main purposes of the program are physical material science; new functional, engineering and building materials and structures, technologies and equipment creation for nowadays industry, transport, building, medicine and other fields of national economy use.

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