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MWMLab implements calibration of microwave and EHF frequency ranges devices, including products, submitted by customers.

According to accreditation (certificate of accreditation) MWMLab calibrates devices for frequency ranges:

  • Generators
  • Generators of waving frequency
  • Measuring of VSWR, reduction, complex transmission and reflection coefficients 
  • Wattmeters
  • Power converters
  • Attenuators

The certificate of calibration for will be given after the calibration, calibration label or stamp will be printed on the measuring device.

The protocol with the reason of discrepancy will be given in case of negative results of calibration.

MWMLab tests modules and processors SHF and EHF ranges. According to accreditation (certificate of accreditation of test laboratory) MWMLab provides:

  • Testing production(SHF/EHF modules and processors) in accordance to accreditation of laboratory on accordance to TPNA requirements
  • Designing, producing and repairing SHF/EHF measuring machines in frequency range from 0,01 to 220 GHz
  • Development of solutions, that allows to improve TNLA
  • Development and modernization of processes of measuring and methods of testing
  • Participation in state tests of accordance to TNLA requirements and other measurement processes
  • Carrying out of arbitration tests process, judicial and investigative departments, organizations and enterprisers
  • Seminars and conferences about SHF measurements and tests
  • Improving the efficiency of test laboratories of the same sphere

Equipment uses for calibration 

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