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Calibration of microwave and EHF measuring instruments

  • generators
  • swept generators
  • SWR measuring instruments, decrease of complex reflection and transmission coefficients, wattmeters
  •  power converters
  • attenuators in the corresponding ranges (according to the sphere of certification, defined by the accreditation certificate)

Certificate BY/112 from 09.01.2015

Tests of microwave and EHF modules and units


  • Testing of products (microwave/SWR modules and units) according to the sphere of laboratory certification from TNLA requirements.
  • Projecting, manufacturing and maintenance of microwave and EHF measuring instruments in the frequency ranges from 0,01 up to 220 GHz.
  • Proposition development for TNLA updates which set the requirements for the products, organizations of the tests.
  • Development and update of measuring and testing methods of the products, TNLA in the sphere of microwave measurements.
  • Participation in state – run tests of products in their compliance with TNLA requirements and other metrological works.
  • Conduction of trials in arbitral, judicial agencies, organizations and enterprises.
  • Conduction of seminars and conferences on the topics of microwave measurements and tests. Development and updates of analogous test laboratories.

Certificate BY/112 from 12.01.1998

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