Digital signal processor

The devie is used for modernization/creation of radars of different purposes

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Tx/Rx modules for phased array antenna

Amplification and frequency conversion of the probing signal in radar systems with special purpose

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Satellite VSAT terminal

Mobile terminal of satellite and radio relay connection is a basis for organizing radio relay power lines

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Radar frequency synthesizers

Designed for formation of heterodyne high-stable coherent signals in the raars of special purposes

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Radio altimiter

Designed for measuring the flight high of a high-speed object and UAV in real time

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Contactless radio-wave vibro sensor

The device carries out contactless continuous remote control, monitoring and diagnostics of parameters of objects, involved in linear mechanical oscillations, movement and / or rotation, having various forms and surface materials

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Signal generator

Designed for tuning and testing SHF devices

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Our develop and research millimeter wave measurement laboratory was organized in 1988 year. Main interests and activities are the development and production of different measuring microwave devices in the frequency range of 1 MHz - 178 GHz such as Vector and Scalar Network Analyzers, Sweep Generators, Vibration Sensors, Mixers, detectors, attenuators and so on for production tracking, equipping of measuring and verification laboratories. We are offering the modern methods of measurement of S-parameters of different radio devices, definition reflecting both absorptive of abilities of materials and designs, technologies and materials for the equipment of anechoic locations and system with usage of radar very high frequencies of sensors and meters.

  • Calibration Services

    MWMLab implements calibration of microwave and EHF frequency ranges devices, including products, submitted by customers.

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  • Customer support

    MWMLab provides services and measuring equipment made by MWMLab both submitted by customers.

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  • Training

    MWMLab provides service of education and traineeship of specialists with following ways.

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MWMLab meets deputioes of the National meeting

Precentation of the latest prototypes of control-measuring devices and radar equipment


The Education Ministry of the Republic of Belarus collegium meeting

Millimeter wave range altimeter presented



MWMLab participates in international innovation forum in Moscow